Fancy Footwork

For the establishment of the "planetary" foot making circulation in the networks possible, make a gift of your foot, right here, right now !
1- Remove your right shoe.
2- Take off your sock or stocking.
3- Place an A4 sheet of paper lengthwise on the ground.
4- Pencil-trace the contour of your foot on it as precisely as possible.
5- Write in capitals in the top left-hand corner: your name, shoe size, place, nationality.
6- Using electronic or any other means dispatch your foot as quickly as you can to:
Operation " Pied Universel", Fred Forest, Galerie Pierre Nouvion, 3,Av Hermitage
98.000 Monaco. Fax : 93-50-92-83


Setting a world-wide precedent : The Galerie Pierre Nouvion in Monaco, (César, Combas, J:P Raynaud, Newton, Jacquet...), spurred on by the artist Fred Forest, have innovated a market for works of art that sidesteps the usual criteria and traditional financial aspects that dictate sales in this field.
In parallel to the existing conditions a new financial system is being developed on the Internet which will surely result in the undoing of the old...

For the affordable sum of 100 US dollars , you can acquire an original virtual art work, a customized portion of the "Planetary Network Territory ", created on commission by the artist . This will be a work totally reserved for you on the network, to be contemplated if and when you wish by means of a secret code ;...The collector may print out as many numbered copies as required for commercial ends. He may also donate the creation to the network by revealing the code of access to the public ... Fred Forest has concurrently created the "Free-Museum" on the Net or the "Territorial Museum" to host this type of work.
Payment must be made to the Galerie Pierre Nouvion, Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, together with the theme of the required work, which will serve as the title.
For example : A Piece of the ..."Pacific", Ecological", "Nostalgic", "Sulfuric", "Modern" or "Classical" Territory etc...
The order or request for information has to be addressed to: Galerie Pierre Nouvion, 3, Av. de l'Hermitage, 98.000 Monaco. The gallery assumes reponsibility for all transactions carried out. .

Bank Details:
Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, 23, Av la Costa 98.000 Monaco.
Account N° : 58294800001-04
Bank code : 17569

We reiterate that Fred Forest had the M.N.A.M, the Centre Georges Pompidou sentenced by the Tribunal Administratif de Paris for refusal to divulge information in June 1995. He wishes to emphasize the fact that he harbours no grievances against the art trade itself, but that he will continue to denounce the laxness of public institutions towards it.